Wuxi in a Visitor's Eyes .....
This page will be a look at Wuxi thru the eyes of those that have had a chance to visit the City and live there for awhile...

Back in the summer of 2000 a couple of college students contacted me about information on Wuxi, as they were going over there to teach and live for a few months. They have agreed to share some of their experiences, and allow me to post them here. Many Thanks to you!! 

Trip to Wuxi by 45 students from a couple of colleges in Utah. (told by Alicia) 

Also a exchange student that was from Wuxi and spent a year here and is now back in China, has agreed to write articles for us from time to time. 

Information on China (by Edith) 

Link to some pictures of Wuxi and other cities in China by a traveler (Luke) 

Tourist Attractions Near Wuxi by Bear

If you have something to add, Please let me know!

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