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2 unidentified children, Madame Lu and Dave Nies (father of Nikki Nies) sent by "Kay Graves" <kgraves2@bellsouth.net>

Unidentified children at Wuxi orphanage sent by"Kay Graves" <kgraves2@bellsouth.net>

??? building, part of Wuxi orphanage complex sent by "Kay Graves" <kgraves2@bellsouth.net>

View in doorway of building where some (all?) children lived sent by "Kay Graves" <kgraves2@bellsouth.net>

Two unidentified men at the entrance to the orphanage  sent by "Kay Graves" <kgraves2@bellsouth.net>

Orphanage sign  sent by "Kay Graves" <kgraves2@bellsouth.net>

??? buildings, part of Wuxi orphanage complex sent by "Kay Graves" <kgraves2@bellsouth.net>

Unidentified caregiver and unidentified baby (not adopted at that time) sent by "Kay Graves" <kgraves2@bellsouth.net>

??? Could be a kind of guard house at entrance to orphanage  sent by "Kay Graves" <kgraves2@bellsouth.net>

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